Adam M. Brown

Adam M. Brown joins our firm after close to a decade with a premier commercial litigation practice. The way Mr. Brown describes it, “I do what most people think lawyers do, but what few actually do.” Many lawyers want to sit behind a desk and do transactional work. That’s fine for some, that’s not the way Mr. Brown practices law. Having made an estimated 800 court appearances, Mr. Brown prides himself on his extensive litigation experience. While he resides in Westfield, Mr. Brown has argued and won motions and trials on his client’s behalf from Gloucester to Sussex County; from the lower New York Civil Courts all the way up to the Appellate Division. He cares about one thing and that is getting the best results for his clients.

In his practice, Mr. Brown represents a broad array of domestic and international corporations and individuals in matters involving; breach of contract, contract misinterpretation, contract interference, Uniform Commercial Code disputes, franchise disputes, business dissolution and creation, management disputes, employee/employer relationship disputes, FDCPA violations, consumer fraud and protection and debt collection actions in the business lending, construction, freight, insurance, equipment leasing and service industries.

Mr. Brown is also an accomplished writer, having written extensively on Mergers & Acquisitions for the New York Law Journal, one of the largest legal publications in the country.

His approach is to be the bridge between the fields of law and business. Two worlds that might feel foreign to one another, but are always intertwined. In the world of business, a deal completed by a simple handshake may not be enforceable in court. In the workplace, an inappropriate act may be a violation of an employee’s civil rights. Mr. Brown strives to be where the legal and business worlds meet.

Mr. Brown believes in establishing an open line of communication with his clients and to always be available when an unanticipated issue arises. Through a commitment to integrity, honesty, and excellence, he works tirelessly to obtain favorable results.

Representative clients include Motorola, US Foods, Capital One Bank, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Caterpillar, Konica Minolta, CIT Financial, and American Express.