Criminal Law

Next to one’s life, there is nothing more important to a person than their freedom. Thus, the choice of criminal attorney is perhaps the single most important decision a person facing a loss of their freedom or driving privileges will ever make.

With all of the Government’s resources and power being utilized in an effort to incarcerate, financially punish and strip an individual’s driving privileges, having a Supreme Court Certified Criminal trial lawyer and former prosecutor with a proven track record of results, and not just talk, is absolutely necessary.

At Schiller McMahon, our Firm undertakes a comprehensive, detail-oriented, data-driven approach to criminal litigation, geared to obtaining the very best possible outcome for every Firm client.

Whether it be a mistaken fact or legal infirmity, Schiller McMahon’s former prosecutors are trained to leverage and take advantage of any and all mistakes the Government makes in seeking a full blown dismissal of every matter we handle.

And while the truth is that not every case can result in a dismissal of all charges, Schiller McMahon will use their education, training and experience to obtain the very best outcome possible in every single matter we handle for every single client.