Domestic Violence

Conflict between family members or those in dating relationships are some of the more difficult, complex, and challenging cases, because the dispute is often between parties who share common children, or otherwise have a history with one another.

At Schiller McMahon, our experienced domestic violence prosecutors have, unlike most criminal attorneys, actually tried domestic violence cases before a jury. Charges in domestic violence situations often include: simple assault; aggravated assault; weapons; harassment; terroristic threats; criminal restraint; and/or kidnapping.

Domestic violence cases can dramatically impact an accused’s freedom, ability to stay in their home, ability to interact with their children, and certainly employment, including professional or business licensing.

Similarly, Schiller McMahon is trained in handling any adjoining temporary restraining order (TRO) or final restraining order (FRO) proceedings, as Firm attorney’s appear with frequency before Family Judges. Most important, having a single, highly-experienced Firm handle both the criminal charge and any TRO/FRO proceeding greatly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome in both, as they are inextricably intertwined and prosecutors will absolutely use TRO/FRO proceedings—where defendants CANNOT assert a 5th Amendment without a negative inference—to build criminal prosecutions.

If your family has a domestic issue, contact Schiller McMahon today for discreet and compassionate handling of your issue.