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About Schiller McMahon

Schiller McMahon was founded on a handshake by two former prosecutors committed to one thing and one thing only: Solving our client’s problems.

The seed for Schiller McMahon was planted in 2012 when former Union County Prosecutor, Theodore J. Romankow, promoted Mr. Schiller, and subsequently assigned Mr. McMahon and Mr. Schiller to Judge Joseph P. Donohue’s Trial Team. Over the next 12 months, the Schiller McMahon Team combined to successfully try more criminal cases to verdict than every single lawyer in the entire State of New Jersey.

Utilizing the teamwork and principles they learned as leading Assistant Prosecutors, Mr. Schiller and Mr. McMahon founded Schiller McMahon on the premise that it would function as an A to Z, one-stop-shop for people seeking elite legal representation, focusing on results and client satisfaction.

If you have a sensitive, serious or complex problem, contact us today by phone (908) 233-4840 or email info@SchillerMcMahon.com for a free, in-person consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you, a close relative or loved one, were very sick and in danger of possibly dying, would you trust a doctor just because they “sounded” like they know what they’re talking about? What if that doctor who sounded convincing had never actually successfully performed the specific surgery that you or your loved one needed to live?

 When people come to Schiller McMahon with their problems, they know the attorney’s here have performed the surgery—successfully—over, and over, and over again.

The Schiller McMahon Difference

Knowing what to do is only half the battle. Actually doing it in an incredibly high-pressured, high-stakes situation with someone’s life on the line is an altogether different story.

Whether it’s a relatively minor traffic case or a homicide investigation, an automobile accident claim or a wrongful death case, Schiller McMahon treats every case like it’s the Firm’s only case.

Whether it be a civil or criminal matter, the truth is: it is the threat of the other side winning (or you losing) at trial which dictates (a) whether a case resolves; and (b) the precise circumstances under which it resolves.

Generally, the answer to these questions turns on two other questions: what is the likelihood of either side succeeding and, based on those potential outcomes, what is the likely consequence?

The answers to these questions will, and should, dictate one’s negotiation posture.

But the answers to these questions are not fixed; the answers depend on a number of factors, including your chosen lawyer’s talent, work ethic and ability. As we all know: Not all human beings have the same ability.

There are two main ways to distinguish lawyers: (1) how broad and deep is my attorney’s knowledge; and (2) the lawyer’s ability to utilize his knowledge and skill to solve the client’s problem, a trait best demonstrated by past performance.

At Schiller McMahon, the Firm’s commitment to staying current with the latest legal scholarship and case law can actually be seen in the Firm’s cutting edge motion and appellate practice, which has led to Firm attorney’s boasting a 98%+ success rate on appeals of matters tried by Schiller McMahon trial lawyers, and countless successes before some of the most prominent judges throughout this State with the Firm’s innovative and unique approach to motion practice.

In fact, Schiller McMahon’s former prosecutors have won an unprecedented number of pre- and post-trial motions, resulting in major criminal cases being dismissed, large recoveries for personal injury clients, and numerous drug and DWI matters being suppressed.

These trial-hardened former prosecutors know what it takes to actually win. Without speed, witnesses will disappear, memories will fade, scenes will be corrupted, recordings will be “lost” or “disappear” and important biological evidence (DNA, prints)—that could be the difference between a charge being dismissed or a civil recovery that guarantees you or your family are taken care of forever—washes away in the rain.

Whether you’re dealing with heavily-armed members of law enforcement and highly trained prosecutors, or insurance companies with deep pockets looking to stonewall you despite years of paying your premiums and following the rules, the legal system can be intimidating for anyone. Schiller McMahon does not believe in sitting back and waiting for the other side to build their case to the detriment of our clients. Instead, Schiller McMahon draws on their decade-plus of combined litigation experience to formulate a comprehensive and coordinated plan of action, and we go on offense.

The path to success begins with your choice of counsel—give us a call and see the SM Difference for yourself, with your own eyes, and your own ears. Trust yourself, give us a call.

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