New Jersey Disorderly Persons Attorneys

Sadly, encounters between the citizenry and law enforcement often end up resulting in charges due to miscommunication and poor attitudes. Some of the most common types of these charges, often alleged to mask Government misbehavior, include disorderly conduct (N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2), resisting arrest (N.J.S.A. 2C:29), and obstruction of justice or hindering apprehension.

Similarly, many citizens are arrested for shoplifting. Often, these types of offenses entail youthful indiscretions or mitigating economic circumstances.

It is important if you are charged with these offenses that an experienced criminal trial attorney holds the State to their burden of proof, as many people do not realize that shoplifting offenses, in particular, are often beatable because the State fails to prove their case, generally because witnesses fail to appear.

Do not let speed and expedience lead you to make a decision that can impact your future. And note that any second or additional offenses for shoplifting and/or theft may carry statutorily mandated periods of jail and incarceration.

Do not allow a non-violent property conviction to tag you for the rest of your life and impact your schooling, employment or professional or business licenses.

If you or someone you love has been charged with one of these offenses, chances are that there is more to the story. Contact Schiller McMahon today and have two former prosecutors on your side.

Conditional Discharge

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in municipal court, contact Schiller McMahon to discuss whether you are eligible for a conditional discharge.

These programs, designed for first-time and/or minor offenders, allows an individual to enter into a program upon whose successful completion (6-12 months for conditional discharge) the entire matter is dismissed.

So why do I need an attorney if I can have the case dismissed?

Because you are only entitled to utilize one conditional discharge one time over the course of your entire life; therefore, one should not enter into such a program unless a trained, experienced criminal attorney has first reviewed the matter to ascertain whether the Government has (a) done everything properly and (b) to determine whether the Government can prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Only an experienced criminal attorney can answer these questions. Where one person or lesser talented criminal attorney sees no way out, and causes a client to “waste” their one conditional discharge, our former prosecutors and certified criminal attorneys have obtained full blown dismissals.

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