Police & Internal Affairs Investigations

The former Prosecutors at Schiller McMahon know that being a law enforcement officer—whether it be police, probation, parole or correction officer—in this day and age comes with a level of scrutiny that officers of the past have never encountered.

Given the current climate between law enforcement and the community, being “on the job” in 2016 can, aside from the physical dangers inherent in the job, result in one’s employment being placed in jeopardy for political or personality reasons.

In fact, precisely because these law enforcement officers are placed into high-risk situations, they are more likely than the average civilian to be the focus of a criminal or administrative investigation.

Whether it be a result of a cellular phone recording from a member of the community, or a bad relationship with a superior, Mr. McMahon has experience both prosecuting and defending these matters, and is intimately aware of the difficulties confronting members of law enforcement as they endeavor to do their job.

If you or someone you care about is the subject of an internal affairs or administrative investigation, contact Schiller McMahon today for a free, in-person consultation.