New Jersey Slip & Fall Attorneys

New Jersey laws require that individuals act with a certain degree of care in the maintenance of their homes and businesses so as to prevent unnecessary injuries from slip, trip and falls.  When an unsuspecting victim is injured because a property owner and/or his agent fails to meet his/her standard of care, that victim may bring a civil action seeking monetary compensation for the injuries he/she sustained.  Negligence by a property owner can manifest in many ways, such as an uneven sidewalk, defective staircase, and snow or ice covered walking surface, to name a few.

Essentially, New Jersey laws set forth a wide range of standards that property owners are obligated to meet.  While each situation may call for a differing standard of care to be exercised by the property owner, most require that individuals act in such a manner as a reasonably prudent person would under the circumstances.  Since each situation in which an individual may be injured from a slip and fall varies, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to ascertain whether you can bring an action against the negligent property owner.

Victims of slip, trip and falls are entitled to recover monetary damages for pain and suffering, loss of income, medical expenses, and loss of consortium.  Slip, trip and falls cases require an in-depth investigative approach to determine the facts as they existed at the time that the injury was sustained.   As former Assistant Prosecutors, our attorneys spent a combined ten years building cases against elusive criminals and bringing them to justice.  Accordingly, Schiller McMahon’s New Jersey personal injury attorneys have the requisite background and knowledge to determine your rights, investigate the facts and build a formidable case in your favor geared at recovering the maximum compensation available.

In some situations, the statute of limitations to bring a claim for injuries resulting from a slip, trip and fall is only 90 days.  In order to determine your rights, contact Schiller McMahon to schedule a free, in-office consultation to discuss the facts of your case.