Wills, Living Wills, POA

Schiller McMahon assists clients in the preparation of basic wills, living wills, and generable durable powers of attorney.

These documents are far too often overlooked, or pushed to the side, with the attitude that “nothing is going to happen to me” or “I will get it done eventually.”  If you become seriously disabled or die without these documents in place, you risk placing yourself in a position whereby the courts, and not your chosen trusted loved ones, will determine your fate and the fate of your assets.

In addition, should you pass away without a will, your estate will be probated, which includes probate fees, inheritance taxes and Federal estate taxes that have the capacity to significantly diminish the value of your estate, thereby decreasing the value of what you intended to leave to your family or friends.

Wills:  A basic will should include provisions that specify who you intend to leave your property to and who will look after your children in case of your unexpected death.

Living Wills:  In the event that you become temporarily incapacitated, a living will sets forth an individual that will carry out your wishes as to the means of medical treatment that you wish to undergo.

General Durable Power of Attorney:  In the event that you become temporarily disabled, general durable powers of attorney set forth trusted persons who will carry out your affairs on your behalf, which includes buying and selling property, banking powers, retirement plans, life insurance, gifts, trusts, inheritance and the like.

If you or a loved one does not have a will, living will or general durable power of attorney, contact Schiller McMahon today for pricing and to schedule an appointment to ensure your life and assets are properly cared for.  Our attorneys will guide you through the relevant considerations which must be determined and memorialized for proper protection.